S.No. Product/Commodity Variety City Qty (Kg) Price (Per Kg) Enquire
1 BASMATI PUSA BASMATI 1121 (PB 1121) Rajpura 2000 38 Enquire Now


S.No. Product/Commodity Variety City Qty (Kg) Price (Per Kg) Enquire
1 POTATO DIAMOND Rajpura 5000 4 Enquire Now


S.No. Product Variety City Qty/Unit Price (Per Unit/Qty) Enquire


S.No. Product Variety City Qty/Unit Price (Per Unit/Qty) Enquire
1 Agriculture Land For Fruit and Vegetable Production To Get Fatehgarh Sahib 5 Acres 38000/Acre Enquire Now

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